The Filipino boy band has released their recent single ‘What’ and it has an accompanying music video to it.

SB19’ ‘What?’ has been dropped and their latest single comes with a music video!

The rising boy band’s Stell, Ken, Justin, Sejun, and Josh are showcasing what they can offer to the contemporary Filipino music with their outrageous artistry. In their latest song, they were singing about being thankful for their blessings and their courage in times of trials.

After releasing the music video, it reached to 200,000 views in its first hour, and the amount of support are overwhelming the boys. Fans are commenting about praises for exceeding the expectations. Unfortunately, the group has postponed their virtual launch after a member tested positive for COVID-19.

However, the music video, digital single, and merchandise are released as scheduled. There first full-length album was released last year of July, entitled “Get in the Zone.”

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