The Apophis asteroid just quietly whizzed by the Earth on Friday, March 6, and is predicted to return in 8 years.

Apophis asteroid, named after the ancient Egpytian god of chaos, has been recorded to move swiftly pass Earth with a distance of 10.4 million miles away is expected to return after 8 years according to NASA.
The asteroid was first discovered in 2004, when NASA predicted the possibility that the asteroid would impact the Earth in 2029. However, in the recent years, they have changed their forecast on the impact of the asteroid. They have released information that the asteroid will have safe visits in 2029 and 2036. On 2068, they predicted a 1 in 380,000 chance for the asteroid to hit the Earth.
NASA is excited for the up-close visit of the asteroid on 2029 for this will be a great chance for them to study the astronomical matter.

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