On the new IATF guidelines, KJuanTV’s live streaming tackled the quarantine protocols set by the government.

With the recent updates on the IATF guidelines on COVID-19, the government has now made quarantining non-mandatory both for local travels and OFWs going back to their provinces. However, strict measures of wearing face shields, facemasks, use of alcohol, and social distancing among others will still be observed as is. This is confirmed by the OWWA admin, Hans Dacdac, as he was messaged by KJuanTV on Twitter.
It was also mentioned that clinical and exposure assessment will be strictly implemented in all airport entry and exits. Trace apps will be needed for OFWs who will return to the country and to their provinces via air travel. Otherwise, no trace app is needed if OFWs will travel via land or sea, and other travel policies made by the IATF.

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