According to a study of Purdue University scientists Filipinos need to earn P1.3M a year to be a happy in the Philippines.

Expensivity released the results of a new study that measured the price of happiness. The study is from Purdue University based scientists.

The study reveals that Bermuda tops the lists, where one needs about P600,000 a month or P7,200,000 a year. Australia follows it with about P560,000 a month or P6,800,000 a year. Israel closes the top three spots with about P540,000 a month or P6,500,000 a year.

On the other hand, the bottom three countries are Suriname, Argentina and Angola. In Suriname, you would need to earn about P28,000 a month or P340,000 a year to be happy. While in Argentina, you would need about P36,000 a month or P440,000 a year and in Angola the amount is about P37,000 a month or P450,000 a year.

For Filipinos, the results say that you need to earn P110,000 a month or P1,300,000 a year to be happy.

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